Friday, May 14, 2010

My Journey

I travel by bicyle to a course I am doing at the Eden Training Centre in Rathfarnham. It takes me 30 mins in the morning to get there and 20 mins to get back home to Rialto. The route I have chosen from Rialto to Rathfarnham takes me down Parnell Road along the cananl, then right onto Harold's Cross Road, Terenure road, staright onto Rathfarnham Road, then onto Grange road and right continuing along Grange road, and Eden Ave is just up the big climb and to the left. On my way home, I turn off Harold's Cross Road to take Sundrive home instead.
Cycling in Dublin is dangerous, anyone who spends time cycling in this city I'm sure can understand the hazards. Most drivers are impatient and unaware and put the lives of cyclists at risk. The driving tests mention nothing about cyclists, about how to treat cyclists or to look out for us.
I have decided to make this blog, to log the happenings on my daily journey and report the incidents of what drivers do wrong and what they do right in relation to me, a cyclist.